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9Pay participates in the world's largest Fintech festival in Singapore 2023


From November 15th to 17th, representatives from 9Pay attended the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF), organized annually by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Elevandi and Constellar in collaboration with The Association of Banks in Singapore.


The eighth edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) kicked off this week from 15th to 17th November 2023, convening leaders and experts from around the world in finance, technology and public policy. Besides focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI), SFF 2023 facilitates dialogues on re-architecting the financial system, preparing for future risks in technology and climate, and powering entrepreneurs and the future tech workforce.

Appearing at SFF 2023, 9Pay brought innovative solutions such as payment gateways, disbursement to potential customers, showcasing information, services, and products of the leading payment intermediary in Vietnam. 9Pay attracted attention from a diverse audience through comprehensive payment solutions, emphasizing not only convenient payment methods but also flexibility and integration capabilities to meet the diverse needs of each business.

Known for the challenges international businesses face when expanding into Vietnam due to lengthy legal and financial procedures, 9Pay has connected with over 50 domestic banks, providing favorable conditions for international businesses to access a large customer base in Vietnam through 9Pay's existing network.

9Pay's payment gateway service not only facilitates convenient receipt of funds for businesses but also ensures flexibility in applying payment methods suitable for specific customer needs. Moreover, the solution enhances the customer shopping experience with diverse payment forms such as e-wallets, domestic and international cards, buy now and pay later etc.

9Pay participates in workshop and exhibition activities at the festival

For 9Pay's collection service, businesses can receive funds through transfers/deposits into bank accounts using the Virtual Account (VA) system. With advantages such as 24/7 API processing, low costs, risk minimization, automated management processes, and personnel cost savings, this service helps businesses save operating costs and automate financial management. Additionally, 9Pay's disbursement service plays a crucial role in managing the finances of small and medium-sized enterprises. Applying modern technology platforms, the solution supports businesses in professionally managing cash flows through automated reconciliation processes and real-time quick disbursements. Notably, 9Pay's collection and disbursement service has a dedicated management system, making it easy to track transaction statuses and settle transactions according to business requirements.

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9Pay’s representatives engaged in networking and meetings with potential partners during the event

Representatives from 9Pay engaged in networking activities and discussions with potential partners during the event. Leveraging its understanding of the Vietnamese market and strengths in building diverse payment solutions, 9Pay has become a leading and reputable entity in providing quality payment services. The flexibility and in-depth 24/7 support of 9Pay's solutions have been highly praised by partners, helping businesses enhance competitiveness, efficiently manage cash flow, and improve the customer experience.

By participating in SFF 2023, 9Pay is not only affirming its position in the payment field but also opening up vast development prospects for 9Pay in both domestic and international markets in the future.

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