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A Single API Only
Access all available Vietnam local payment methods effortlessly with 9Pay's single API
Competitive rate and support
Help you solve the challenge of processing large payout volumes at high costs and delayed support from banks
Settlement and tax consulting
Free consulting services to help your business thrive while navigating the complexities of withholding ta
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How our business run?

Why partner choose us?

Collection Service

  • No need Vietnam entity or offshore bank account with 9Pay
  • One connection to all local payment methods
  • Free Foreign contractor tax consulting to collect money from Vietnam
  • Develop system to adapt merchant's demands, including automatic reconciliation.

Pay-out Service

  • Better fee and FX rate (live rate) than the bank
  • Update functions for Pay-out service: USD balance, name validation API, no transaction limit
  • Quick and flexible support (Operation, Technical, Treasury team) for merchant in weekend and holiday.

What is our capacity?

Foreign Remittance/
Ecommerce Merchant

Billion USD Annual GMV

Local Card covered
- 115M ATM card
- 35M Credit card

We can customize our services

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Remittance Hub

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Digital Products

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Looking for a local payment gateway that can support cross-border payment and do settlement overseas to collect the money from Vietnamese End-users/Enterprises.

We provide:
Icon local ATM cards Local ATM cards
Icon bank transfer service Bank transfer service
Icon 9Pay E-wallet 9Pay E-wallet
Icon Pay-out service Pay-out service

Onboarding Process

Frequently Asked Questions





You can use any foreign entities to sign up with 9Pay, no need Vietnamese entity or offshore bank account.
For foreign settlement, we do settle the payment to your bank account bi-weekly. We are willing to hear your demand to help you receive the money faster.
We shall use a Vietnam bank to setlle the payment to your bank account. The settlement fee currently is 0.132% + 5.5 USD (maximum is 390.5 USD, minimum is 16.5 USD) and applied to the Settlement amount.
We support two ways (i) automatic via API or (ii) manual via our Portal. We can support both single transaction or batch file.
The pay-out request is processed immediately after you create.
We just collect the Merchant discount rate (MDR), no Set-up fee, Monthly fee, Hidden fee. The MDR for a merchant depends on each payment methods and the estimated volume through 9Pay.
The higher volume you have, the better fee we could provide.
You can choose the currency as USD, EUR, GBP, SGD... The rate of VND -> other currency follows the actual rate of the bank on the settlement day.
Please let us know your information. Our Biz team shall contact you and discuss which payment methods may suit your demand.
Our flow is below:
- Confirm commercial terms
- Sign Agreement and do Due diligence process
- Integrate APIs and go live
We can pay-out in VND only.

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