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E-commerce enterprises can now integrate the 9Pay payment gateway directly into their sales systems to facilitate convenience, optimize customer experience, and retain customers during the bustling shopping season of the upcoming Lunar New Year.
This article highlights the Fintech trends based on industry reports, while also analyzing a case study of 9Pay. This is a promising payment intermediary, offering comprehensive payment solutions targeted at both the Vietnamese and international markets.
The 9Pay payment gateway has recently received the highest level of international security certification, PCI DSS Level 1.
By integrating 9Pay's digital payment gateway, AN Tours Vietnam revolutionized their payment process.
9Pay, a sponsor and partner of the Vietnam Web Summit, brings Fintech innovation to the largest technology event of 2023 in the community.
This is a good time to look back at the development and trends of Fintech over the past 12 months and make forecasts for 2024. Below is a summary from The Fintech Times.
This guide provides essential insights into how payment links work and showcases the versatility they offer, enabling you to effortlessly receive payments across diverse platforms.
The significance of disbursement and collection in global trade. Learn how to enhance cash flow, mitigate risks, and boost efficiency with tailored disbursement and collection strategies.