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Best Disbursement Service for Small Businesses 2023


From handling payroll to processing vendor payments. Disbursement services step in, offering a streamlined and secure solution for businesses of all sizes.


1. What Is a Disbursement Service?

A disbursement service is a fintech solution that automates and simplifies the process of sending payments to multiple recipients. This can include payroll, vendor payments, commissions, and any other type of disbursement.

A girl is preparing to receive her salary

Disbursement services utilize a secure network to transfer funds directly to recipients' bank accounts, prepaid cards, or digital wallets.

2. What Is a Disbursement Fee?

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A disbursement fee is a charge levied by the disbursement service provider for each transaction. These fees vary depending on the service provider, the payment method, and the volume of transactions.

3. Benefits of Using a Disbursement Service

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Small businesses can reap numerous benefits from utilizing disbursement services:

  • Streamlined Payment Process: Disbursement services automate the payment process, saving businesses time and resources.
  • Reduced Errors: Automating payments eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements.
  • Enhanced Security: Disbursement services employ advanced security measures to protect sensitive financial information.
  • Improved Cash Flow Management: Disbursement services provide real-time visibility into payment transactions, enabling better cash flow management.
  • Scalability: Disbursement services can accommodate businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises.

4. What Is the Disbursement Process?

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The disbursement process typically involves the following steps:

  • Business integrates disbursement service provider with accounting or payroll software.
  • Business uploads payment information, including recipient details and payment amounts.
  • Business schedules disbursements.
  • Disbursement service provider securely transfers funds to recipients.
  • Business receives confirmation of completed disbursements. 

5. Best Disbursement Service for Small Businesses

Disbursement service for small businesses

Numerous disbursement service providers cater to the needs of small businesses. Here are a few of the top options:

Payoneer: A global disbursement platform offering a variety of payment methods and competitive fees.

Stripe: A comprehensive payment processing solution with a robust disbursement feature.

PayPal Mass Payments: A cost-effective option for businesses sending small payments to a large number of recipients.

Adyen: A global payment processor with a disbursement feature for businesses of all sizes.

9Pay disbursement service: 9Pay is a Vietnamese fintech company that offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, including a disbursement service. 9Pay's disbursement service allows businesses to easily and securely send payments to multiple recipients, including employees, vendors, and freelancers.

6. FAQ about Disbursement Services

Who should use disbursement services?

Disbursement services are suitable for any business that needs to make multiple payments regularly. This includes businesses with employees, vendors, freelancers, or any other type of recipient.

FAQ about disbursement service

What are the costs of disbursement services?

The costs of disbursement services vary depending on the provider, the payment method, and the volume of transactions.

How secure are disbursement services?

Disbursement services employ advanced security measures to protect sensitive financial information. They adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety of funds.

How can I choose the right disbursement service for my business?

When choosing a disbursement service, consider your business's specific needs and requirements. Factors to consider include payment methods, fees, volume of transactions, and international payment capabilities.

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